Newsletter January/February 2020

Puskarich Public Library System *Cadiz *Freeport *Scio Volume 29 Issue 01 January/February 2020 You asked for it. You got it. An encore presentation of “Forgotten Communi- ties of Harrison County” has been scheduled for February 19 at 2:00 p.m. at the Puskarich Public Library. Susan Adams and Kelley Michelli of the Harrison County Genealogical Society will present infor- mation about towns like Duncanwood, Hattonia, Laceyville, Tappan, Little Zion Colony and Cassville. With pictures, news clippings and court pa- pers they will try to answer the following questions: Where were the communi- ties located? What did they look like? Who were the people that lived there? Why are the towns gone? Mixed in will be some human interest stories and folklore. For more information please call 740-942-2623. Celebrate Black History Month at the Puskarich Public Library on February 12 at 6:00 p.m. Guest speaker historian, Paul Goebbel, will have a presentation on the Underground Railroad in Ohio. He will feature stories about the under- ground railroad in the four corners and center of the state. It also highlights an Ohio connection to the passage of the 13th amendment to the US Constitution. For more information please call 740-942-2623. The Underground Railroad in Ohio Pictured is Duncanwood a mining camp in Shortcreek Township that existed for about 40 years. The Town of Tappan