Meeting Room

The primary purpose of the meeting room at the Puskarich Public Library is to provide facilities for library related activities. Needs of the library for use of the meeting rooms take precedence over use by outside groups.

As a community service, the library makes its meeting room available for use by nonprofit community groups when it is not being used for library related activities. Groups may use the meeting room both for private meetings or to present programs for the general public. Programs which are open to the general public must be open to all, consistent with the informational, educational, or cultural purposes of the library and must be non-soliciting in nature. Groups using the meeting room must not disrupt the normal functions of the library.

The library will provide tables and chairs required by the group or organization. Library films or other library materials must be obtained for use through normal library circulation procedures. The following equipment will be furnished by the library: tables, chairs, lectern, projection table, LCD projector, slide projector, overhead projector and movie screen. Each group is required to set up tables and chairs for their meeting and are required to return these items to their original position after the meeting is concluded if changed from library setup.


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