The Library's Internet Access Policy for Children and Young Adults

It is the policy of the Puskarich Public Library System to provide Internet access service to the public for library-related research, informational and learning purposes within the limits of available space, equipment and personnel resources. The Library strongly encourages parents to supervise their children's Internet and World Wide Web use. It is the parents' responsibility to determine what is appropriate for their own children to view. Library staff does not act in the place of a parent to restrict what a child or young adult may access.

Through signature, all users must agree to the Puskarich Public Library’s Internet Use Policy. A parent or guardian, through signature, is responsible for the access of young adults from the ages of 6 to 17.

Internet access may be limited to one hour depending on the demand for computers. All users of electronic information resources are expected to use the resources in a responsible manner. Use of library computers to send, receive or display inappropriate materials, defined as text or graphics which may reasonably construed as obscene, is prohibited.


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