Internet Policy

It is the policy of the Puskarich Public Library System (PPL) to make Internet resources available to its customers along with collections of print, non-print and electronic reference resources. The addition of Internet resources provides access to information beyond that contained in this Library’s collections. Youth ages 17 and under cannot use an Internet computer without the signature of a parent or guardian.

The Puskarich Public Library System is a participant in The Ohio Public Information Network and complies with OPLIN policy on Public Use of OPLIN ( and OPLIN policy to control access to obscene and illegal materials as defined in the Ohio Revised Code. The Puskarich Public Library System complies with Ohio Revised Code Section 2907.31 "Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles,” 2907.311 “Displaying Matter Harmful to Juveniles” and other provisions of the ORC.

Customers are required to agree to the following Internet Acceptable Use Agreement before using the Internet at the libraries in the Puskarich Public Library. The Library reserves the right to review this policy from time to time and make changes as necessary.


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