Guidelines for Use of Public Access Personal Computers Internet Policy:

Due to the wide variety in the number of workstations at each branch library, availability of personal computers, software applications and advance reservations may vary. Check with each location for more information.

Patrons may be required to sign in at the desk or logon to a reservation system prior to each use of a personal computer.

  • Time limits vary at each location because of demands on limited resources.
  • Use of the Internet requires special registration procedures and is governed by the library's Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Children accompanying adults who are using the computers should not be left unattended.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended.
  • No more than two persons may use one workstation unless by special arrangement.
  • No software or files may be uploaded or downloaded to or from the hard drive.
  • All work should be saved to a personal storage device. No information should be saved to the c:/ drive. The Library is not responsible for crashes that lose saved or unsaved work.
  • Only PPL employees may restart and log the computers onto the network. Patrons should report any problems to the Library staff. Patrons are not permitted to reboot computers.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for damage done to a patron's disk through use of public access PCs. We do our best to prevent viruses but are not responsible if disks become infected.
  • Only library supplied paper may be used for printing. Printing charges are .10 cents/page for black and white pages and $.25 page for color pages.
  • Any use of library equipment for illegal purposes is prohibited.
  • Staff time for individualized training and software assistance is limited. The library offers free computer classes.
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